Mainstream Music? Hm.

First things first. I want to go ahead and continue the 30-Day Challenge I started a few months ago. It didn’t exactly say that the 30 topics had to be done in 30 consecutive days, soooooooo. Here I am again. 🙂


6. Your views on mainstream music.

Mainstream music? Hmm. I don’t know. Define “mainstream”. Personally speaking I don’t really even have a specific genre that I stick to when it comes to beats and rhythm and harmony. Whatever sounds good is good enough for me. Most of my friends like RnB, Blues, Hiphop. That doesn’t necessarily apply to me. I listen to anything and everything. There are days when I like classic music, times when slow sad songs are exactly what I need to get through the day, and then sometimes I like to crank up the volume to the loudest, craziest, naughtiest song I’ve heard recently and just BOOGIE. Just kidding, when I say boogie I mean sit around and enjoy the music more than I usually do.

On one point though, it’s not everyday that I’m updated on the Hit Chart’s Top 10. I’ve got about 5 or 6 songs on my phone that I listen to on loop. When I hear a new song that I like, I download it and it becomes my favorite song in all the world for about a week. When I’m over it, I go back to my usual jam. Some people think that my fondness for oldish OPM is a little gross. I think that they’re social climbing ass kissers of the currently popular music icons. And that they need to bust a move back to 1990. There is just nothing more magical than listening to a song that came out when you were only 9 or 10 or a sophomore in HighSchool going out on a date for the first time. Music is the closest thing we have to a time machine, and sometimes you just need to plug in your earpods, pick a random oldie, and escape the present.

So what do I think about mainstream music? Eh. Mainstream shmainstream. Music is music. Music is soul. Music is pain, love, laughter and tears. Music is everything. 🎶


Holy shizzams!

What the hell is wrong with me? I made this blog, so that I could have the chance again to paint out my feelings and thoughts into words whenever I can and whenever I want. And the last time I posted was in March?? Great. So no feelings and thoughts whatsoever since then huh? WRONG. I’ve got about a million and three things to share. I need to make up for lost time. Not making any promises though, I suck at those. Lol who doesn’t? Anyway! Lemme finish my coffee and ensaymada and I’ll be right back. Xo!


WHUUUT. So I missed 4 days of my 30-Day Challenge? Great. I’ve just been busy, and exhausted all the time. But I’ve got time now, so let me catch up.





Interesting. Should it be just one ex? Or to each ex? How about someone who you feel is an ex but not really? K lezzdothis!


EX #1 – Labs. Heyy. How you been? We haven’t seen each other in a while. I hope you’re doing good though, as much as I regret everything that went down while we were together, I still want the best for you. You’re a good guy, stay that way. And take care of her. She’s lucky to have you. I know that things will never be civil or (at most) normal between us, and a lot of trouble might have happened because of us, but I want you to understand that I never regret having loved you. Best wishes to you, “Pangit.”


I’m sorry I lost the picture of us when we were kids. I treasured it for so long, now I can’t find it. I’m sorry.. Pls don’t lose your copy. Thanks.











EX#2 – Bhe. Okay. I don’t understand what’s going on with you, or what happened that made you sort of lose your damn mind, but from the way I’m hearing things about your current “situation”, it sounds like you have gone from being a really good guy, someone worth introducing to parents, to a plain ol’ douchebag. The eff dude? How could you do that to her? And what is it with your obsession with body building? It’s annoying. Pls go back to the way you were before. Put your life back together. You’ve got a beautiful girlfriend and son, don’t waste the chance at a happy family. Grow up.












EX#3 – Honey. I am not going to accept your Facebook friend request. Nope. Nu-uh. It’s a shame you were the first guy I ever introduced to my mom and you just, whatever. I hope whatever’s in your life now, you don’t destroy it and waste it the way you did with me. We may have had good times, and you may be the hottest guy I’ve been with lol, but you’re also the biggest a-hole. God forgive you.












Looks a lot like him, I swear. Gorgeous. Ugh



EX#4 – Bheibe. Lol how jeje is that? Whatever, anyway. The relationship we had is still my longest, to date. 5 days short of 2 years together? Ha. It won’t be for long now though. Your fault. I partly blame and partly thank you for everything I am now. Blame, because you put me through so much hell at the time. Keeping lies and secrets with your ex from me, keeping me locked up, making me your girlfriend/mom/guardian/maid. *PROFANITY ALERT* FUCK YOU. But, I also thank you. Because in everything bad that you put me through, I came out strong. And brave. And mean. Yes, mean. I admit. I am a lot more mean than I used to be, a lot more opinionated and with higher standards. But at least now people can’t mess with me anymore because I’m smarter. I truly do thank you for that. It’s been 6 years since we broke up for good, I hope you’ve learned all that you need to know about life and how to properly treat the people who love you. Good luck with your life.












EX#5 – Bebe. The funny one. The one who didn’t last. I’m still glad we’re sort of friends though. Our relationship may not have been much, but at least we had more happy moments than sad. Maybe we just really weren’t meant to be lovers anyway, just friends. I’m still glad. Thank you.













EX#6 – MyLove. Okay, so you’re not an official ex. Haha. We never really did call it official, mostly due to the fact that you’re an a-hole who cannot commit. And because of wrong timing. I have to say though, you might not be an official ex-boyfriend, but you destroyed me the most. To be honest, I still hate seeing you around. Not that I see you often anyway, but those rare times that I do, I just want to run up to you and slap you senseless. I gave so much of my love to you, I completely ignored myself and all the hurt you were causing me, it was all so unfair. I don’t even know why I liked you in the first place. Besides the fact that I like tall guys, slightly deeper tanned guys, I can’t think of any other reason why you had me hooked on you like a fat kid having chocolate cake for the very first time. (No pun intended, well maybe. Fat kid since you love teasing me about my weight you moron, and chocolate cake because you are so deeply tanned for some reason.) The three months spent with you were the worst best months of my entire life. No joke. I hate you for that. And how you just left me hanging one day out of the blue for God knows what reason, you completely wrecked me. Because of you I became a bad girl, I felt so useless and worthless. For months even after you left. What did I ever do to you? Tsk. Whatever though, I’m done. And I’ve moved on. I am now happy with someone new who treats me with the exact same love I once gave to you. Your loss, dumbass. Have fun with your cougar.













Okayy. That was long. Lol. Sorry for the rants. Just following instructions.

For the record though, I am very very very with my current boyfriend. He is a very good guy, treats me absolutely amazingly, makes me feel like a Princess, and just plain makes me feel all the love I gave to all my exes combined. This one is for keeps, I hope I can definitely keep him forever. ❤

K, next challenge pls. 💔


No actually, I need more sleep. Sorry guise. Catch up in the morning. Ciao! xxo


Challenge #4 – Bullet your whole day.


What does that even mean? Okay I’m just taking a wild guess here but I think it means enumerate all the things you did for the whole day, except in bullet form. Yes? Oh fudge it. (I refuse to input any profanity into my posts atleast until this frigging challenge is done.)


  • Woke up at around 10 AM
  • Went back to sleep at around 10:01 AM
  • Woke up again at 12:30 noon
  • Had brunch with my bro and my sis
  • Texted suppliers for the clothing stock we need
  • Arranged a few lists and stuff, I think
  • Played around on my laptop for a while
  • Thought “Eh, still early. I’ll go to bank later.”
  • Played around some more
  • Looked up the resellers items for one of the new shops I’m trying to get beading and jewelry supplies from
  • Spent about an hour and a half trying to decide what items to get that will NOT exceed Php1000
  • Failed
  • Supplies exceeded Php1000. Oh well
  • Finally went to the bank with little bro
  • Withdrew money from the ATM
  • Made a deposit at the bank
  • Went to pharmacy to get meds and cream for my sister
  • Went to Generika to Cash-in for GCash
  • Bought Pizza
  • Bought Hairspray
  • Went home
  • Ate pizza
  • Sent deposit slip to supplier via Viber
  • Played around on my laptop
  • Uploaded stuff to IG
  • Got a 24-hr block from IG for excessive posting (WTF?)
  • Played around some more
  • Watched TV
  • And now, I’m typing all this.

That’s basically it. Boring huh? Well there’s always tomorrow.

Goodnight guys. xo

Little Girl in the Big Woods

Challenge #3 – A book I love


I was in 2nd grade when I first read a book by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It was the Little Girl in the Big Woods, the first book of the series that she wrote about her life from when she was a little girl. I couldn’t put it down, I refused to eat my meals unless I finished the chapter I was on.

Being a little girl myself at the time, I loved reading about the everyday life and adventures of Laura and her sister Mary. What fascinated me was the way her story was told, how every scene described brought you to that place where she was as if you were watching her grow in front of your very eyes. It was fun to read about collecting wood chips and making molasses candy in the winter, so different from the life I was accustomed to. Reading about Laura’s life made me feel like I was there with her, a silent friend in the background, observer of the life she lived since she was a little girl. She made me want to experience life the way she did, living in the woods and harvesting fruits from the trees and making goat cheese, collecting wood chips, helping Ma & Pa skin the animals that are to be stocked up for the long winter. To me, the book was an escape from the modern world.

It’s been about 16 years since I first read the book and I still love it. Although the series itself may not be recognized in every country on this planet unlike Harry Potter or Twilight or The Hunger Games, but it teaches the value of family and love and life nonetheless, through the eyes of an innocent little girl. It’s one of those books that I wouldn’t mind still having on my shelf years after I’ve purchased it from the bookstore or some online shop, a cuddle buddy on rainy days when it’s more preferable stay in and just keep warm. Someday when I have my own daughter, I will tuck her into bed and read to her about a Little Girl in the Big Woods. 🙂

I want to have a poster of this in my future little girl's bedroom. :)

I want to have a poster of this in my future little girl’s bedroom. 🙂


Woops! Forgot to post earlier (yesterday in fact, because it is now 2:13 AM) because I was so busy. Not really. Anywayy. Since I missed a day in my 30-Day Challenge, I’ll be making two posts today, to keep up. 🙂


Challenge #2


Something I feel strongly about.. That would have to be, pizza. No joke. I love pizza. I live for pizza! I could eat pizza all day everyday and I wouldn’t even feel sick of it. Although I probably would be sick in just a few hours of chowing down slice after slice of pizza but I would never be sick of it. Does anyone get my point? Oh well. Fine let me think of something else that I feel strongly about. I hope whoever reads this though doesn’t expect much because 1, it is 2:13 AM yo. And 2, I really just want pizza right now.
















I’m still trying to think of something that I feel strongly about.. But I can’t. My brain isn’t functioning right now. All it wants is PIZZA. 😦 I guess I’m just gonna have to stick with it then. And anyway I do really feel strongly about pizza. Especially now. Right now. My stomach especially, feels oh so strongly. I’m going insane. Okay, 3rd challenge please!

5 Ways to Win My Heart

Challenge #1


What wins my heart? I don’t think I’ve ever really spent much time thinking about this. There are so many things in the world I can think of that have the ability to catch my attention in a split second. But now that I think about it, I don’t really feel like I’m a very good decision-maker, or a person who makes good choices.. Seems a little deep for a topic so simple, right? Oh well. It’s how I think. Welcome to the deep trenches of my mind.

Sitting here trying to think about what 5 things can win my heart, I come to a stop as I realize how vague this topic actually is. 5 things? What kinds of things? And what is the game to be played, to win my heart? 5 things could be 5 food, 5 pets, 5 brand names. 5 things a friend can do to win my heart? 5 things that a guy can do to win my love? I think I’m just going to go with what a guy can do. It seems pretty fitting, at least for this topic. So here goes! Just a precaution though, I’m already taken. Happily taken. 🙂 Riding along with this list just in case in the future trouble sets paradise on fire. Ha!


1. Music

I’ve always been a huge fan of music, and aside from writing, music has been my most preferred way of expressing myself. I remember when I was a little girl, we had an uncle (dad’s friend, not literal uncle) named Tito Boots. He once said to me “If you want to find a guy with a pure heart, find a musician. A guy who lives music is a guy who knows what real love is, and what it should be like.” Ever since then, my love for music has only grown, and also the longing for that special musician.

"Drop in the Ocean" - Ron Pope

“Drop in the Ocean” – Ron Pope










2. Witty sense of humor

I don’t like boring people. Humor and music are almost at a tie when it comes to being 1st in ways of winning me over but not all musicians are funny. So music wins. But sense of humor to me is just as important, maybe at a .01 rank lower down the scale. There are so many problems circulating our everyday lives and sometimes all anyone needs is a good laugh. One of the reasons why everybody loves Mr. Bean. 🙂 A guy who can make me laugh out loud with a single joke or even a one-liner, has a better chance of winning me over against a guy who can make me smile. I’d choose laugh over smile every time.












3. Kid-at-heart

There is a BIG difference between immaturity and being a kid-at-heart. An immature person is someone who has no grasp on responsibility whatsoever, and therefore does not usually have a clue on what love is. A kid-at-heart on the other hand, is a person who may be entirely responsible and at the same time knows what it means to still have fun and have a colorful imagination. I will forever be a Disney Princess, no matter what anti-Disney blogs say about the bad influence Disney gives to kids. Rainy days and Mondays always make me reminisce the times when I clung to my doll as a little girl while watching Snow White, or with my legs inside a pillowcase pretending to be a mermaid while watching Ariel sacrificing her voice to be with Prince Eric up on land. I don’t know many guys who appreciate what these kinds of memories give to full grown adults like me, but if I do find one, I only have one thing to say, “Can I keep you forever?”

Someday, I wish.

Someday, I wish.









4. Kid lover

(No pedophiles please. Seriously. There is no place in this world for assholes like you. Anyway.) It always melts my heart when I see a picture of a guy carrying his newborn baby. Those little munchkins are the cutest little things in the universe, who doesn’t love babies anyway? A guy who can keep his cool completely in the middle of a play pen full of children is definitely a guy worth marrying. Even better if he could be playing with all the kids in that play pen.

THIS IS SO DARN CUTE. I've always loved this father-son duo.

THIS IS SO DARN CUTE. I’ve always loved this father-son duo.













5. English

Okay, this one I have to explain thoroughly. Being a Filipino, naturally I would marry someone who is also a Filipino. NATURALLY. I didn’t say normally so please calm yo tits. Normally it is anyone and everyone’s right to marry whoever they choose to marry, irregardless of race, color, nationality, whatever. In my case, it’s not easy having been raised in a different country than where the mother land is. I grew up in a country where foreigners kept to themselves because of course that’s what foreigners usually do. That didn’t make sense, sorry. Let me explain further. I went to an International school for 1st-6th grade elementary education in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. My classmates were Americans, Indians, Pakistanis, other Asians, Australians, Europeans, Africans. And the only way we would all understand each other is to of course learn English. So for all those years, not intentionally but I learned to speak English as a second language. Sometimes I even spoke English more than Tagalog. So when I came home to the Philippines to further continue my studies, it was a major frustration when I couldn’t speak my usual English to interact with my new teachers and classmates. No offense to my former teachers or anything, but I’m just trying to be honest here. I haven’t had a teacher since I started studying here in the Philippines who I could speak to in English the way I spoke to my teachers back in Yanbu. Except for one, Ms. Kate in my Senior year, she grew up speaking English as well so it was always fun talking to her. But yeah, I know there are people here who can speak the way I do but none where I live or even close to the area. So I’ve never really met anyone who I can speak to without having to explain my point in Tagalog. I miss being able to crack a joke to someone besides my sister, who also grew up speaking English, who immediately understands the punchline. I guess it’s no accident that I love Hollywood movies more than local movies because it makes me feel like I’m in the conversation with them, even if I’m just watching them on the screen. I’ve never liked those romantic pocketbooks that my mom used to read, those with images of a man and woman doing some sort of shirtless hug drawn on the cover. Seeing statuses on Facebook with wrong spelling & grammar make me want to rip my own eyes out. Am I to blame? No, Saudi is. Kidding! Just kidding Saudi, love you. So yeah. If I can find a guy who can understand my slang, and even better, actually respond to me in the same way, he can have my whole heart. My heart, my soul, my whole self! I’ll even give him the last slice of pizza in the box, or the last spoonful of ice cream in my bowl. But if I can’t find a guy like that, no biggie. Pinay parin naman talaga ako, no choice. Haha



























Okay these gifs have nothing to do with point #5 but Eric Matthews is just so adorable, I love him so much. Anywayy.


Other things I’d like to see in a future potential “forever” boyfie, if ever:

  • Good in arts
  • Good at dancing
  • SPORTS – Would be good for the future kiddos
  • Street wise – Yes, street wise.
  • Doesn’t mind shopping for 12hrs straight
  • Bar hopping tonight, movie marathon + cuddling tomorrow night
  • Mysterious

So there you go! 5 ways to win my heart. Or rather, 5 qualities to have that will win my heart. My current boyfriend may not have all those qualities in him but he is a great guy and he knows what makes me happy. So I love him. 🙂 Kbye.

30-Day Challenge

So I was on Pinterest last night, just looking around and pinning all sorts of cutesies. I came across one particular picture that looked interesting. It was a list of suggested topics to write about when starting a journal. And since my blog doesn’t have much color to it yet, I decided to go down that list – one day at a time. 30 Day Challenge, here I come!

Topics to fill your journal, blog, diary, notepad, wattpad, wordpad, whatever with. Have fun!

Topics to fill your journal, blog, diary, notepad, wattpad, wordpad, whatever with. Have fun!

Exhausted.. hell. Physically, mentally, emotionally. It’s been a real rollercoaster ride these past few weeks and I don’t even really know what goes on sometimes. It’s like one minute I’m all smiles, cheerful and glad about the simplest things. And then a whirlwind comes into the picture and throws me all around the room making me instantly dizzy and pained and frustrated and hating the whole world. Right now though, I’m probably making no sense at all so let me just go ahead and hit the sack. More thoughts later.

Whether you like it or not. Kbye!

Sleep, my little Bitoy.. Popoy, is not far away..” I miss my mom. 💔

Smoking hot! Do you think not?

Smoking hot! Do you think not?

Such beautiful women.
I miss.

For the record though, let me just say that I used to hate smokers. I didn’t understand what was so cool about sucking on a stick and blowing out smoke. And then peer pressure got to me. I admit at first I only did it because for some reason it suddenly looked very cool. Plus all my friends did it. My friends taught me. Lol. But after a while, a few of my friends stopped. I didn’t. And then one day I met a guy who didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink much. Didn’t party. Didn’t live. Jk. But seriously, compared to him? I looked like the devil. So I was forced to stop.. For a while. I couldn’t help it when the urges came back, and I had slips here and there. But for the most part I really tried. I was sick of us fighting about it almost every week. And I did it! I finally got myself to stop. 🙂 Although, these past few days.. Have been very, stressful.. Well. Oh well.