O M G !!!!!!!!


Okay, I’ve calmed down a bit. No wait.




Okay. Deep breaths. Slow deep breaths.

First of all, I want to explain. As a celebration of ABS-CBN being the true home of Asian Telenovelas (I didn’t say Koreanovelas because F4: Meteor Garden is NOT Korean), they have decided to air Meteor Garden again starting March 31, 2014. When my younger brother first told me about it, I was a little doubtful. Because seriously, why? ABS is already bringing back My Girlfriend is a Gumiho which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BTW, why would they air Meteor Garden at the same time? Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I guess I just didn’t think ABS was that much of an attention whore. Lol sorry. Deep inside though I was jumping for joy because it’s been sooooooo long since the series ended and having it back on television would just be pure AMAYYZAYYYNG.

So, still a little doubtful, (also due to the fact that my younger brother has a tendency to tease me with things he knows I’d go nuts about, a trait he got from me UGH) I decided to wait for that teaser trailer myself. And lo and behold! I was sitting around playing Frozen Free Fall on my phone and not paying much attention to the tv when it actually aired! I nearly dropped my phone. My mouth was in an actual O shape. I was frozen on the couch. After about 30 seconds which felt like 30 years, the teaser trailer ended. I cried. And laughed. And got the chills. No joke.

Excuse my French, but HOLY FUCKING SHIZNIT MOTHERSUCKING FUCKER ON EARTH. I get to see the love of my life Jerry Yan a.k.a. DaoMingZe back on TV in his best role ever! My heart is so happy that it’s about to break. Okay I know I sound so stupid, over reacting and shit. But that’s none of your business. Just kidding. Give me time to explain myself? Thanks.

The first time Meteor Garden aired on ABS-CBN was early 2003, I think? I’m not sure. But at the time I wasn’t here in the Philippines yet. At least I don’t think I was. If I remember correctly I was still living in Saudi Arabia at the time. I only found out about it after my sister and I came home to continue our studies here in mid 2013. And honest to God, at first the series annoyed me. What was so special about some Taiwanese dudes acting as a bunch of rich spoiled brats and picking on a poor unwealthy feisty girl and then two of those guys actually falling for her? I was not amused. Until one day, there was nothing else to watch on tv and I had just gotten home from school. I was forced to sit and watch the damned thing. Okay so maybe I could have just gone outside and taken a walk, or went to the store to get icecream, locked myself up in my room and blasted music on the radio, but I guess deep inside I was also a little bit curious about what everyone was so addicted to. So after about 30 minutes I think, or 45. Or an hour. How long again was the airing per day anyway? I don’t remember. Anyway. So after that one episode, it was official. I was a goner. I was a believer. I was a fan. I was about to go crazy. It was sooo good! It was that one episode where ShanCai or however the hell you spell her name was kidnapped along with DaoMingZe and he was gonna be slushied in the face with a wooden chair and she flung herself in front of him instead so she took the full blow! Seriously I can still remember I was actually crying during the part. Especially since they played it over and over for about 3 times in slow motion and from different angles. It was just so, ugh. Amayyyyzeballs. After that I just couldn’t miss an episode or I’d be dead for a day until the next day when the new episode would air. Lol.

Don’t get me wrong. A whole lot more things happened in my life apart from my afternoon dates with Meteor Garden. So many things happened in my life within that year.. Which takes me to the more serious explanation. Which, until now, I’m still trying to put together inside my head. Okay here goes. Meteor Garden, not only brings back so many memorable episodes and mixed emotions – it takes me back to that year, 2003, to the life I had back then. To the simplicity of everything that happened in that year. To the complications, the problems, the hardships, the first time being so far away from the parents and baby brother because they had to stay in Saudi Arabia for work, the huge change of life, the happiness, the innocence, the love and the hate. To the music. (Right now I am flat out crying, because. Just because. That’s what MG does to me.)

The awkwardness of being in a new school and not knowing more than 5 people tops. The loneliness of heading straight home after school because there was no one to hang out with. The pain of missing old friends from the former country you lived in. The exhaustion of having to commute from my house to school in the morning, and then vice versa in the afternoon despite not knowing how to commute by myself, because I never had to before. The laziness of homework about things I heard in school but did not really understand because my mind was in a whole different country during class hours. The sadness of being so far away from Mama for the first time, not having parents there to guide, hug, love and scold you for the tiniest things. And then bigger, happier change. The first crush at the new school. The first love note. The first smile, first glance, first heartache when it ended only 3 days later. The agonizing months of confusion brought on by the rejection of young love. Until now I can remember his full name. I can still remember the name he called me, the name I gave him out of annoyance when he wouldn’t leave me alone to read my books, and he did a very lame but funny impersonation of Vaness Wu. I may have been young, barely 14 at the time, but I remember how much that heartbreak devastated me. Going to bed in tears, lying in bed in tears, waking up 2 hours later in the morning, with tears. The only thing that took my mind off of it, was Meteor Garden. Even seeing Vaness Wu hurt, but not so much because I guess remembering the impersonation made me more happy than sad. Until eventually after months and months of depression, I moved on. Simple as that. He was gone, I could finally stop thinking about him, and I still had MG with me in the afternoons.

Call me crazy, for falling too young. Call me stupid, for wasting all that time too young. Call me corny, for loving too young. But fuck you. Lol jk. Call me brave, because even after all that I realized life was still good. And even though those months were pure torture, when I think about it now, I realize I actually wouldn’t mind going back. Compared to everything else I’ve had to endure after that time in my life, I think going back to 2003 wouldn’t be so bad after all. It may have been my first official heartbreak, still though, it made me feel so dead and alive at the same time. My first experience of how love can make or break you.

So don’t blame me for acting a little too over-the-top crazy about ABS-CBN bringing back Meteor Garden. I guess you could say that MG is my time machine? I can’t wait to watch it again and reminisce about everything that 2003 gave and did to me. 🙂




I was stick-skinny back in 2003. Wish I could go back to that as well. Lol jk. Well actually, not kidding. Huhu



Don’t even get me started on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. THAT year I do NOT want to go back to. Because. Fuck that year. Don’t ask. Done ranting BYE.


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