Smoking hot! Do you think not?

Smoking hot! Do you think not?

Such beautiful women.
I miss.

For the record though, let me just say that I used to hate smokers. I didn’t understand what was so cool about sucking on a stick and blowing out smoke. And then peer pressure got to me. I admit at first I only did it because for some reason it suddenly looked very cool. Plus all my friends did it. My friends taught me. Lol. But after a while, a few of my friends stopped. I didn’t. And then one day I met a guy who didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink much. Didn’t party. Didn’t live. Jk. But seriously, compared to him? I looked like the devil. So I was forced to stop.. For a while. I couldn’t help it when the urges came back, and I had slips here and there. But for the most part I really tried. I was sick of us fighting about it almost every week. And I did it! I finally got myself to stop. 🙂 Although, these past few days.. Have been very, stressful.. Well. Oh well.


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