Challenge #4 – Bullet your whole day.


What does that even mean? Okay I’m just taking a wild guess here but I think it means enumerate all the things you did for the whole day, except in bullet form. Yes? Oh fudge it. (I refuse to input any profanity into my posts atleast until this frigging challenge is done.)


  • Woke up at around 10 AM
  • Went back to sleep at around 10:01 AM
  • Woke up again at 12:30 noon
  • Had brunch with my bro and my sis
  • Texted suppliers for the clothing stock we need
  • Arranged a few lists and stuff, I think
  • Played around on my laptop for a while
  • Thought “Eh, still early. I’ll go to bank later.”
  • Played around some more
  • Looked up the resellers items for one of the new shops I’m trying to get beading and jewelry supplies from
  • Spent about an hour and a half trying to decide what items to get that will NOT exceed Php1000
  • Failed
  • Supplies exceeded Php1000. Oh well
  • Finally went to the bank with little bro
  • Withdrew money from the ATM
  • Made a deposit at the bank
  • Went to pharmacy to get meds and cream for my sister
  • Went to Generika to Cash-in for GCash
  • Bought Pizza
  • Bought Hairspray
  • Went home
  • Ate pizza
  • Sent deposit slip to supplier via Viber
  • Played around on my laptop
  • Uploaded stuff to IG
  • Got a 24-hr block from IG for excessive posting (WTF?)
  • Played around some more
  • Watched TV
  • And now, I’m typing all this.

That’s basically it. Boring huh? Well there’s always tomorrow.

Goodnight guys. xo


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