WHUUUT. So I missed 4 days of my 30-Day Challenge? Great. I’ve just been busy, and exhausted all the time. But I’ve got time now, so let me catch up.





Interesting. Should it be just one ex? Or to each ex? How about someone who you feel is an ex but not really? K lezzdothis!


EX #1 – Labs. Heyy. How you been? We haven’t seen each other in a while. I hope you’re doing good though, as much as I regret everything that went down while we were together, I still want the best for you. You’re a good guy, stay that way. And take care of her. She’s lucky to have you. I know that things will never be civil or (at most) normal between us, and a lot of trouble might have happened because of us, but I want you to understand that I never regret having loved you. Best wishes to you, “Pangit.”


I’m sorry I lost the picture of us when we were kids. I treasured it for so long, now I can’t find it. I’m sorry.. Pls don’t lose your copy. Thanks.











EX#2 – Bhe. Okay. I don’t understand what’s going on with you, or what happened that made you sort of lose your damn mind, but from the way I’m hearing things about your current “situation”, it sounds like you have gone from being a really good guy, someone worth introducing to parents, to a plain ol’ douchebag. The eff dude? How could you do that to her? And what is it with your obsession with body building? It’s annoying. Pls go back to the way you were before. Put your life back together. You’ve got a beautiful girlfriend and son, don’t waste the chance at a happy family. Grow up.












EX#3 – Honey. I am not going to accept your Facebook friend request. Nope. Nu-uh. It’s a shame you were the first guy I ever introduced to my mom and you just, whatever. I hope whatever’s in your life now, you don’t destroy it and waste it the way you did with me. We may have had good times, and you may be the hottest guy I’ve been with lol, but you’re also the biggest a-hole. God forgive you.












Looks a lot like him, I swear. Gorgeous. Ugh



EX#4 – Bheibe. Lol how jeje is that? Whatever, anyway. The relationship we had is still my longest, to date. 5 days short of 2 years together? Ha. It won’t be for long now though. Your fault. I partly blame and partly thank you for everything I am now. Blame, because you put me through so much hell at the time. Keeping lies and secrets with your ex from me, keeping me locked up, making me your girlfriend/mom/guardian/maid. *PROFANITY ALERT* FUCK YOU. But, I also thank you. Because in everything bad that you put me through, I came out strong. And brave. And mean. Yes, mean. I admit. I am a lot more mean than I used to be, a lot more opinionated and with higher standards. But at least now people can’t mess with me anymore because I’m smarter. I truly do thank you for that. It’s been 6 years since we broke up for good, I hope you’ve learned all that you need to know about life and how to properly treat the people who love you. Good luck with your life.












EX#5 – Bebe. The funny one. The one who didn’t last. I’m still glad we’re sort of friends though. Our relationship may not have been much, but at least we had more happy moments than sad. Maybe we just really weren’t meant to be lovers anyway, just friends. I’m still glad. Thank you.













EX#6 – MyLove. Okay, so you’re not an official ex. Haha. We never really did call it official, mostly due to the fact that you’re an a-hole who cannot commit. And because of wrong timing. I have to say though, you might not be an official ex-boyfriend, but you destroyed me the most. To be honest, I still hate seeing you around. Not that I see you often anyway, but those rare times that I do, I just want to run up to you and slap you senseless. I gave so much of my love to you, I completely ignored myself and all the hurt you were causing me, it was all so unfair. I don’t even know why I liked you in the first place. Besides the fact that I like tall guys, slightly deeper tanned guys, I can’t think of any other reason why you had me hooked on you like a fat kid having chocolate cake for the very first time. (No pun intended, well maybe. Fat kid since you love teasing me about my weight you moron, and chocolate cake because you are so deeply tanned for some reason.) The three months spent with you were the worst best months of my entire life. No joke. I hate you for that. And how you just left me hanging one day out of the blue for God knows what reason, you completely wrecked me. Because of you I became a bad girl, I felt so useless and worthless. For months even after you left. What did I ever do to you? Tsk. Whatever though, I’m done. And I’ve moved on. I am now happy with someone new who treats me with the exact same love I once gave to you. Your loss, dumbass. Have fun with your cougar.













Okayy. That was long. Lol. Sorry for the rants. Just following instructions.

For the record though, I am very very very with my current boyfriend. He is a very good guy, treats me absolutely amazingly, makes me feel like a Princess, and just plain makes me feel all the love I gave to all my exes combined. This one is for keeps, I hope I can definitely keep him forever. ❤

K, next challenge pls. 💔


No actually, I need more sleep. Sorry guise. Catch up in the morning. Ciao! xxo


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