Mainstream Music? Hm.

First things first. I want to go ahead and continue the 30-Day Challenge I started a few months ago. It didn’t exactly say that the 30 topics had to be done in 30 consecutive days, soooooooo. Here I am again. 🙂


6. Your views on mainstream music.

Mainstream music? Hmm. I don’t know. Define “mainstream”. Personally speaking I don’t really even have a specific genre that I stick to when it comes to beats and rhythm and harmony. Whatever sounds good is good enough for me. Most of my friends like RnB, Blues, Hiphop. That doesn’t necessarily apply to me. I listen to anything and everything. There are days when I like classic music, times when slow sad songs are exactly what I need to get through the day, and then sometimes I like to crank up the volume to the loudest, craziest, naughtiest song I’ve heard recently and just BOOGIE. Just kidding, when I say boogie I mean sit around and enjoy the music more than I usually do.

On one point though, it’s not everyday that I’m updated on the Hit Chart’s Top 10. I’ve got about 5 or 6 songs on my phone that I listen to on loop. When I hear a new song that I like, I download it and it becomes my favorite song in all the world for about a week. When I’m over it, I go back to my usual jam. Some people think that my fondness for oldish OPM is a little gross. I think that they’re social climbing ass kissers of the currently popular music icons. And that they need to bust a move back to 1990. There is just nothing more magical than listening to a song that came out when you were only 9 or 10 or a sophomore in HighSchool going out on a date for the first time. Music is the closest thing we have to a time machine, and sometimes you just need to plug in your earpods, pick a random oldie, and escape the present.

So what do I think about mainstream music? Eh. Mainstream shmainstream. Music is music. Music is soul. Music is pain, love, laughter and tears. Music is everything. 🎶


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